Pass Guarantee

We guarantee you will pass the Notary Public State Exam.

If you don't pass the State Exam, you may re-take it until you do pass.

Money Back Guarantee: After attending the same 3-or 6-hour Live Notary Seminar three times and failing the State Exam each time, we will refund your course fee and you may re-take the Seminar without charge until you pass. We expect you to make every effect to re-take the Seminar and State Exam in a timely manner of no more than 45 days between Seminars.

Self-Study Course Students may re-take the State Exam at any of our locations at no addition seat cost as often as needed. There is no cash refund for Self-Study Courses.

NOTE: You are responsible to bring a separate check, money order, or cashier's check made payable to "Secretary of State" in the amount of $20 to re-take the Notary Public State Exam.